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Quin Sweetman Fine Art

Portland, OR


�Life is full of beautiful moments and I strive to capture the vibrancy of those experiences on canvas.� In her plein aire, life drawing, photography and studio compositions, Quin Sweetman hopes to convey the unique energy of her subject, whether it be human, rock or building. �I�d like people to see life and movement in my work; to feel a sense of being there.�

Sweetman�s work has evolved in response to a wide array of influences including many talented Northwest painters and study of the Impressionists. She grew up in Minneapolis, a middle child, always closely observing people and her surroundings, but didn�t take up art-making until 12 years ago when she took a job with a Portland art gallery. Sweetman is now content to spend her days painting and photographing the abundant beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Exhibition Highlights:
-"A Year in Paint," Two-woman Show, Broderick Gallery, Longview, WA, 2014
-"Maker's Dozen," Peoples Art of Portland Gallery, 2013 - Maison des Artists, Lake Oswego, OR, 2013
-"Portland Jane Eyre Painters," West Linn Public Library and Doll Gardner galleries, OR, 2013
-"Hillboro Plein Air Exhibition," Walters Cultural Art Center, Hillsboro, OR, 2012
-"The Landscape Show," Peoples Art of Portland, 2012
-"Big 200," People's Art of Portland, 2011, 2012
-"Under the Sky," Broderick Gallery, two-person show, Rainier, OR, 2011
-"Northwest Light," Portland Plein Air & Studio Painters Juried show, Portland, OR, 2011
-Launch Pad Gallery, "Life & Death," Two-person show, Portland, OR, 2011
-Blondie A Salon, Solo Show, Portland, OR, 2011
-Oregon Society of Artists, "Small Treasures," group show, 2010
-Broderick Gallery Rainier, OR, Regional Artists Show, 2010
-Broderick Gallery Rainier, OR, Solo Show, Oct/Nov., 2009
-Broderick Gallery Downtown, Portland, OR, �Street Views� Feb, 2009
-Broderick Gallery Lake Oswego, OR, �Fire & Ice,� Winter Salon, 2008/9
-CW Lofts, Minneapolis, MN, Winter/Spring 2008/9
-Kingstad Gallery, Portland, OR, �Expressions of Nature/Expressions of Self,� Portland Plein Air & Studio Painters Annual Juried Show, 2008
-Albina Community Bank, Portland, OR, �Havana Biennial Attendees,� 2008
-Sixth Street Gallery, Vancouver, WA, �Naked,� 2008
-Broderick Gallery, Portland, OR, �Salon Show,� 2008
-Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, �Do North,� 2008
-Portland Plein Air Painters Annual Juried Show, Broderick Gallery, Portland, OR, 2007
-City Arts Gallery, Portland, OR, 2007
-Portland Open Studios, 2006
-St. Johns Window Project, Portland, OR, 2005
-Broderick Gallery, �Salon Show,� Portland, OR, 2005
-Broderick Gallery, �Salon Show,� Portland, OR, 2004

* See more of Quin's work at: http://www.quinsweetman.blogspot.com


Waxwing by Quin Sweetman


Tranquility - Dragonfly Painting - Impressionist Original by Quin Sweetman


A Rose is a Rose ... by Quin Sweetman


Tulip Soiree by Quin Sweetman


Squash - Party of One - Original Contemporary Impressionist Painting by Quin Sweetman


Dahlia Party by Quin Sweetman


Flutterby - Original Butterfly in Flight Painting by Quin Sweetman


Cape Arago Afternoon by Quin Sweetman


Coastal Painter - Port Orford - Contemporary Impressionist Art by Quin Sweetman


Autumn's Swan Song by Quin Sweetman


Spring in St. Johns - Original Contemporary Impressionist Painting by Quin Sweetman


MCA is My Ace - Adam Yauch Tribute Painting by Quin Sweetman


Contemporary Dickensian by Quin Sweetman


That Look - Contemporary Impressionist Portrait by Quin Sweetman


Iris Glow by Quin Sweetman


Aubergine by Quin Sweetman


Gentle Spirit by Quin Sweetman


Life Finds a Way by Quin Sweetman


Madamoiselle by Quin Sweetman


Our Humble Abode by Quin Sweetman


Spring Rose by Quin Sweetman


Torch by Quin Sweetman


His Purpleness - Prince Tribute Painting - Original Art by Quin Sweetman


Scott and Sam Commission by Quin Sweetman


Sweet Friend, Original Feline Pet Portrait by Quin Sweetman


Dreamer Impressionist Painting Portrait by Quin Sweetman


Artful Activism, St Johns Bridge, Original Contemporary Impressionist Oil Painting by Quin Sweetman


City Aglow, Impression, Late Afternoon, Painting by Quin Sweetman by Quin Sweetman


Bowing, Summer's Last Hurrah, Original Contemporary Impressionist Oil Painting by Quin Sweetman


Immersed in the Landscape Painters at Rocky Creek, Quin Sweetman by Quin Sweetman


Fiesta of Flowers - Vibrant Original Impressionist Oil Painting by Quin Sweetman


Morning Muse - Original Contemporary Impressionist River Painting by Quin Sweetman


Morning Mist - Original Contemporary Impressionist Painting - Seascape with Fog by Quin Sweetman


Cape Perpetua - Original Impressionist Contemporary Coastal Painting by Quin Sweetman


Beachy Day - Impressionist Painting - Original Contemporary by Quin Sweetman


Drama by Quin Sweetman


Lambent by Quin Sweetman


Quiet Contemplation - Sale - Contemporary Impressionist Painting - Male Figure by Quin Sweetman


Emerging by Quin Sweetman


Contemplative by Quin Sweetman


Afternoon in Cathedral Park, Original Contemporary Impressionist Oil Painting by Quin Sweetman


Last Light in St. Johns - Original Impressionist Fine Art Painting - Contemporary Artist by Quin Sweetman


Coastal Rocks at Yachats - Original Seascape Painting by Quin Sweetman


Sale - Sunflowers in Window Light - Original Impressionist - Large Oil Painting by Quin Sweetman


Dahlias in Mexican Vase - Original Oil Painting - Still Life - Flowers by Quin Sweetman


Study of An Impressionist Master by Quin Sweetman


Little Stream by Quin Sweetman


Mt. Hood from the Wildlife Refuge - Original Impressionist Painting by Quin Sweetman